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Why the World of Geniuses?

We are a non-profit association that works with children with autism and their families. Our purpose is to create meaningful activities together with the child based on their conditions and interests. Here it is the child who shows the way and we support in  further develop and maintain their interests from there. We want to help develop and make visible the child's abilities to promote greater participation in society. Social interaction training and friend-making, we work in parallel  with all the time. We are also available to support families in meetings with schools and the authorities that are connected to the child.  We see ourselves as a central gathering place for both the child and the family as a whole where collective competence is easily accessibleThat's why the World of Geniuses is important! Read more about what we offer under our services.


Child cannot concentrate because of Asperger's syndrome during therapy with young female t

The world of genius opens doors and creates meaning and innovation for children with autism. 

Hide and Seek

We want to create more value for children with autism and their families to promote greater participation in our society.

Meet the team


Camilla Ekberg

  • Instagram - Grå Circle

Founder / chairman

Special educator with top competence within NPF


Juan S Cuneyd

  • Instagram - Grå Circle

Founder / Vice Chairman

Social educator with top competence within NPF

Contact Us

Föreningscenter Nobel 21 Malmö,  Sverige


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